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Gusford Primary School

Call:   01473 682148





Welfare Policies       General Policies       Curriculum Policies   
Behaviour     Complaints Homework
E Safety Charging Calculation
Safeguarding Equalities Reading at home
Accessibility Bad weather closure  
SEN OFFER Charging 
Whistle blowing  Anti-Slavery & Human Trafficking Statement  
Anti bullying    


If a parent requires printed copies of any of the policies above, then please contact Mrs De'ath, Office Manager, on 01473 682148, to request a copy.



We would hope to resolve all complaints in an amicable manner through the complaints procedure. In the first event this is about asking to speak to a) a classteacher in the first instance or b) a member of the senior leadership team if you remain unhappy. In the event of this not being successful there is a complaints procedure for Gusford which can be found by clicking this link: Gusford Complaints Procedure.

Insurance Claims against the school

Insurance Claims: If you wish to make a claim against the school you need to use the claims portal.


"The Claims Portal - If you are required to utilise the Claims Portal to submit a personal injury claim against us for either an employers or public liability matter then details of the correct portal ID and Compensator can be found on the attached link 

We are a member of the Risk Protection Arrangement (RPA) administered by the DfE."

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