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KS1 Reading Rewards


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19th  April 2013



Dear Parents/ Carers,


As you will be aware, we have been continuing to celebrate the children’s reading achievements with the ‘Reading Rewards’ which we have completed throughout the Autumn and Spring Terms. This will continue in the Summer Term and we hope that you will support us with this homework and continue to try to provide an opportunity to read with your child at least 5 times a week, for 10 minutes. It would be great if all the children could achieve a gold award in this final term of the year!


As a reminder, here is how the ‘Reading Rewards’ works…

v  Children will receive a record slip every Friday. Please keep this slip handy and sign it every time a family member hears your child read. There is no need to add any additional comments – these can be written in your children’s reading diary as an ongoing record.

v  Please return this slip to the class teacher on the following Friday morning. These must be handed in, in order that the class record sheet can be completed. Please also ensure their name is on the slip so they get the credits they have earned.

v  The number of times your child has been heard read during that week will be recorded on a class chart.

v  This will be done on a weekly basis until the end of term.

v  In the last but one week of the summer term we will tally up the total of times your child has read and they will receive a:

- Gold award – if they read 55 times or more by the end of the summer term (NB: This is based on 11 ‘reading’ weeks (excluding half-term) so this means they need to read an average of 5 times a week

Silver Award – If they read 44 times or more by the end of the summer term (i.e. an average of 4 times a week)

Bronze Award – If they read 33 times or more (i.e. an average of 3 times a week) by the end of the summer term.

v  The ultimate aim is for your child to be reading every day. For children who achieve this we have a special platinum award.

Friday 12th July will be the last day of this term’s rewards.

v  Children’s achievements will be celebrated in our end of term assembly and newsletter and they’ll receive a certificate to reflect their achievement.

Each child has a bookmark which reflects their individual reading targets they are working towards. We hope that this will help your child to be aware of the targets they need to work on to help them improve their reading and will also be a support to you when reading with your child. We would also ask that you continue to record your comments and feedback in your child’s reading diary as this is a tremendous help to us. Please feel free to use your child’s targets to help you guide your comments when writing in the reading diary eg.






The Friendly Frog

Billy was able to name all the characters in the story and describe what happened to the ‘Friendly Frog’


Bug Book

Billy was able to find the index, contents page and headings in the book. He used the index to find the correct page about ladybirds.


Whilst we recognise that there may be some days where reading can be tricky to fit in, we would really like to encourage you to help support our target of ensuring 100% of our children achieve their gold award this term and additionally achieve the ultimate reward which is the continued improvement in their reading.


Yours Sincerely, Year 1 & 2 Teachers

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